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Put communication back in your own hands.
Take it 0xFF Grid.
Take your voice and text messaging anywhere you want. Whether it be a remote site, a ranch, or even offshore… Your digital freedom awaits.
Your digital footprint, your choice

Dual Radio Efficiency

Find your flexible route to communication with 0xFF Grid’s dual radio technology...

Remove the shackles of service provision. The 0xFF Grid handset gives you the ability to make voice calls wherever there’s a WiFi signal.
Send and receive long-range text messages up to 10 miles between 0xFF grid devices. No cellular infrastructure or service contract required.
Why Use 0xFF Grid?
0xFF Grid Means Digital Freedom
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Take Messaging 0xFF Grid
Built-in off-grid text messaging.
No contract. No fees.
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Take Calling 0xFF Grid
Dodge service interruptions and invasive tracking by cell towers. Use a commercial VoIP account to maintain communications wherever there’s a WiFi signal..
Remote texting range between 0xFF Grid phones:
LoRa text message range

With WiFi:

call anywhere
in the world